Monday, July 07, 2014

Famous Place In Australia

Many of Australia's famous tourist like in perth, sydney, brisbane, melbourne, darwin, Kinglake and much more. This time I would like to share information about the place in the South Pacific Tourism Australia famous. Plan your holidays in Sydney by utilizing our three-day tour itinerary, which takes you to various destinations around Sydney Harbour, beaches and areas within the city. You can read about the Blue Mountains World Heritage and exploration into bushland Six Foot Track.

1. The Great Ocean Road
Road with beautiful scenery is located one hour's drive from Melbourne. Great Ocean Road is one street that has the most beautiful scenery in the world. This road stretches as far as 250 miles and was built in memory of soldiers who died in World War II.

Great Ocean Road stretches across the cliffs and beautiful beaches. In addition, there are many areas worth visiting along the way.

2. Ayers Rock - Uluru
Another name of Ayers Rock Uluru is located in the Red Center and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Center.
Uluru is the largest monolith stones that are flat on the ground so as to give the impression of a contrast compared to the surrounding environment.

Many tourists visiting Uluru either at sunrise or sunset to see change in color that looks mysterious and magical.

3. The Great Barrier Reef
Great Barrier Reef is one of the favorite places to visit that offer biodiversity. Great Barrier Reef located off the coast of Queensland or in the Coral Sea which is the largest coral reef in the world.

At this coral reef organisms various kinds of marine life that is so rich and diverse.

On the Great Barrier Reef, you can find humpback dolphins Indo-Pacific, flat back turtle, dwarf minke whales, salt water crocodiles, turtles ridley, etc..

In addition to marine organisms, there are also many species of birds that live in coral reefs.

4. Kangaroo Island
Kangaroo Island is Australia's third largest island after Tasmania and Melville Island. The island can only be reached by ferry from Adelaide. Kangaroo Island has a variety of exotic wildlife.

If lucky, you can see the albino wallabies, sea lions, little blue penguins, etc..

5. Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney Harbour is a natural harbor, while the Sydney Harbor Bridge is a bridge that berlatang the rear port. Many tourists walking on this bridge which has a steel structure 134 feet above sea level.

People who dare to climb the bridge will be rewarded with a panoramic view of the city.

This bridge is located in the city center so that approximately 20% of Sydney residents can see it at least once a day.

6. Sydney Opera House
In addition to the Harbour Bridge, the other building is located adjacent to the Sydney Opera House.

The opera house hosts a variety of performances from home and abroad. The architecture of the Sydney Opera House roof has a shape like a shell.

The opera house has excellent acoustics that create a sensation of outstanding performances.
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